About Us

AuSet Cleaning Service

Serving the Birmingham AL area Since 2016


AuSet Cleaning Service is a leading house cleaning business. We connect clients looking for household cleaning with pre-screened, top-quality professional. We have a great booking process in line to make this a seamless process.

AuSet Cleaning Service was founded in 2016. We wanted to build a practicle solution to and age-old problem. So we've found trusted professionals for your common household needs. Cynthia Price is a 32 year old female who founded this company. While working at a previous cleaning service, she figured out different tricks to cleaning and how to keep the customers happy. So she founded AuSet Cleaning to put all the tricks of the trade to great use.


AuSet's goal is to clean our customers home for them. That would be one less stressful thing for them to do after coming home from a long, busy day at work!

“On the first visit, AuSet Cleaning Service came as scheduled and I am very pleased with their work overall.”


Lisa, Highlands


“Their cleaners worked fast and effiecient and didn't need any instructions. I highly recommend this company. I am satisfied and will refer them to anyone..”


Mary & Andrew, Cahaba Heights

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